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Special.  Meaningful.  Sustainable.  Charming.

Made with love and care, because inside every woman is a flower deserving to bloom!



Since I bought my Tati's Flowers Shoes, I enjoy dancing Forró much more!! They are extremely comfortable, easy to match with my clothes and so beautiful. I am very happy! These shoes are a MUST for every woman, who loves to dance.

Carla, Argentina

I have tried several dancing shoes and I am totally convinced by Tati's Flowers Shoes: they are so beautiful, very comfortable and resistant and combine with all my clothes. I totally recommend them! They are perfect for many more all-night-long dances :)

Annika, Stuttgart - Germany

Since a couple of months I am using Tati´s Flowers Shoes in the colours red and black.  I can really say, they are very comfortable. They immediately snuggled my feet and fit "like a glove", although I do have very sensitive feet. And to add to that, they also look so wonderful!! I have received manycompliments on them also from others and I use them not only for dancing but also for other occasions. I can really recommend them!!

Yurena, Tenerife

Already so much danced with them and I am totally amazed! I have tried really so many different shoes and most would get my feet "suffering"... but not with Tati´s Flowers Shoes!!! Since the first day I put them, on they are just comfortable - I don't even think anymore about my feet while dancing, unless of ocurse, which will be my next dancing step! And made with portuguese cork!!! So cool! I am hoping that the new collection comes fast with even more colours and patterns to choose!

Martina, Austria