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Who is TATI?


Hi! I am TATI :)

A Brazilian at heart, brought up in Portugal.

Since young, I wanted to do "something good" for the world, which is why I studied Environmental Protection and Process Engineering and worked in this area for some years as a Project Engineer and Project Manager in Portugal, Germany and Brazil.

Six years ago, I discovered my biggest passion - FORRÓ - and decided to follow my own way. To listen to my own heart! It has been an inner trip for self-discovery, which every day leads me to believe more and more in bringing dreams into reality and that life can be fulfilling and colorful!! 

It has not always been an easy journey, but even though the downs do come sometimes along the way, the ups are so magical and reenergising that makes it all worth it! 

I love nature, I love colors, I love animals, I love bringing people together, I love style with comfort, beauty and awareness, and yes ... FLOWERS ;)!

Everything that my brand TATI'S FLOWERS stands for. 

Be part of my dream and let us all blossom together! 

With blossoming love,

Tati, March 2020