Due to the actual situation worldwide, contact-free delivery possible. Click for more.

Contact-free delivery

My dear Flowers,

The current situation worldwide is being a new adaptation challenge for most of us. Especially for those of you (us 😊) that are dancers and are all missing both our dance community as the joy of sharing a dance <3

In my perspective what we can do in such times – or even all times 😉 – is to make the best of it, as far as it is possible and doable for each of us.

From my side, I will be taking the necessary measures to ensure the packages are carefully prepared and packed for you.

As for the delivery at your home, all deliveries are being done via HERMES, which has undertaken some changes to ensure a contact-free package delivery. More information about it here: https://www.myhermes.de/kontaktloser-paketempfang/ Please also be  aware that these measures may differ from country to country.

And my dears, please take into consideration that due to this constantly changing situation, it can also be that the expected delivery times* may also suffer some changes, out of our control. I kindly ask you for your patience in case this should happen. Feel free to contact me in case of any doubt or questions.

My wishes to you during this time, and always ;):

Stay healthy.
Stay happy.
Stay joyful.
Stay hopeful.

Stay positive.


…let’s all blossom together!

With blossoming love,



*for more information on the delivery time for your area, please refer to TATI'S FLOWERS Shipping Police (link below).  
Last update: 01.04.2020